Our Successes

Each story is unique.

The success of Children of the Fallen Patriots Foundation can be told one story at a time, literally. Our scholarships and financial assistance have helped many bright and motivated students attend and graduate from some of the top universities in the country. Each story is unique, with some inspiring results.

Here are some testimonials from students and parents:

Alana Seabrook

Howard University | 2013

"Thank you!!! I wouldn't have made it without you guys. Y'all have helped me tremendously!!"

Kelly McHugh

Kansas State University | 2013

"I really, really appreciate all the help Children of Fallen Patriots provided me throughout my time in school. Without your help and support, I know I wouldn't be where I am at right now in my career."

Kelsey Hug

University of Illinois at Chicago | 2011

"Mostly because of CFPF I was able to afford to do a volunteer year in Philadelphia that I just finished up. I went on to start work on a MSW and Masters in Social Justice and Community Development at Loyola in Chicago. Thank you for all that you do! Know that it is so so appreciated, long after graduation."

Matthew Maguire

Clark University | 2012

"It was an amazing moment to find out CFPF was going to be able to help reimburse my mother for the cost of college."

Nicole Canegata

Brooks Institute | 2014

""I would like to express my gratitude for your continued support...this journey wouldn't be possible without your assistance. Thank you!""

Devin Casillas

" Words cannot express how grateful we are for the Foundation,” says Devin, who has a passion for power-lifting and will be studying Kinesiology while hoping to pursue a career in physical therapy. “Being a freshman in college and not yet knowing what to expect, the Foundation has helped my mother and I to be a little more at ease by explaining the process and allowing us not to be stressed by so many financial obligations."

Jacob Centeno

University of San Diego | 2013

"Jacob Centeno’s father died while trying to save four fellow Navy SEALs in Afghanistan in 2005. Jacob was 15 years old at the time. Before his final deployment, his father told him he wanted him to attend college, but after his death, Jacob wasn’t sure how he would be able to afford it. Then he learned about Children of Fallen Patriots. The organization offered to pay for his tuition, room and board at the University of San Diego. The assistance gave him the ability to focus on his work and pursue his dreams. He said it was an enormous relief to know that he wouldn’t have to worry about taking on any student loans. Now, Jacob wants to be able to help other families like his and work with organization that gave him so much. As a child who lost a parent in the line of duty, he feels that it is his calling to work with families who have faced similar challenges. "

Henry "Danny" Irizarry

University of New Haven | 2011

"Henry "Danny" Irizarry lost his mother to cancer as a child, and shortly after, his father was killed in the line of duty while serving in Iraq in 2004. Today, Danny proudly serves in the NYPD, carrying on his father's legacy of patriotism and service in one of the nation's most admired police forces. His success represents the poignant courage of a boy driven to protect others after witnessing the heroism of first responders on 9/11 and of his father in the resulting conflicts in the Middle East. "

Kylie Owen

University of Arkansas

"Kylie attends the University of Arkansas as an international studies major, with the help of Children of Fallen Patriots Foundation. She was introduced to the organization through the widow of another National Guardsman who served in the same battalion as her father. Without the help of Fallen Patriots, Kylie says she probably wouldn’t have been able to afford to attend a big university and would have enrolled at a community college in Oklahoma. She feels blessed to have this opportunity even though her dad is gone. She says the gift of a college education will enable her to do great things with her life."

Maria Carney

New Mexico State University

"If it wasn’t for Children of Fallen Patriots Foundation, I would be unable to attend New Mexico State University, and would have done a few years at community college and then stayed in-state. I’m so grateful for their help, and that they are taking away what would have been a large financial burden."

Meghan Flanigan

University of Alabama

"Children of Fallen Patriots Foundation made my dream of attending college a reality. Shortly after my father died in a helicopter crash in 2006, a foundation administrator called and said they would like to help me pay for my tuition and room and board. I couldn’t believe how generous they were and how easy it was to get enrolled. It felt like they knew me and really wanted to help. Without their assistance, I would have been left with thousands of dollars in student loans. I’m currently pre-med at the University of Alabama and I’m beyond grateful to the organization for making my dreams possible. It means more to me than you’ll ever know."

Tony Bertolino

Brigham Young University

"Words cannot express how grateful I am to Children of Fallen Patriots Foundation for their help. Without this assistance, I would have had to get a full-time job to help pay for room and board, which would have distracted me from my studies,” said Bertolino. Not having any student loans will also give him the opportunity to get his MBA after he graduates. He hopes to one day open his own business or become a marketing manager. "

Janna Moore

University of Kentucky

"The foundation has made an enormous impact on my life. Not only have they helped me pay for my tuition, they also gave me enough money to buy a computer. The foundation is beyond generous and works very efficiently. I really appreciate the fast responses to my questions and I’m very thankful I didn’t have to take on the burdens of student loans. I’m looking forward to being successful in the future thanks to Children of Fallen Patriots Foundation and hope to earn a Doctorate in Psychology at the University of Kentucky."

Rachel Splinter

University of Northern Iowa | 2014

"The Children of the Fallen Patriots Scholarship Foundation made it possible for me to achieve my degree and work toward my dream of becoming an occupational therapist. I am truly grateful and honored to have received The Children of the Fallen Patriots Foundation and thankful for the support they have shown. I’m sure my father never wanted to leave us, but he and other soldiers would be incredibly grateful to know that there are generous individuals such as The Children of the Fallen Patriots Scholarship Foundation taking care of their loved ones. "

Megan Joyce

University of Massachusetts | 2015

"Megan has voiced how much she appreciates graduating without any debt. She has seen her peers struggling financially and despite losing her dad, she realizes she has had a unique opportunity."

Eric McNulty

Active Duty Army

"Today, Eric thinks his father would be most proud of him for pursuing his dreams and making his own story in life. Eric chooses to serve our country, to continue his dad’s legacy of keeping his family safe and smiling. He believes that real service isn’t about recognition or praise; it’s about getting the job done that no one else is willing or capable of doing. "