What We Do

What we do is make a difference.

For a young child, nothing can replace the loss of a mother or father. At Children of Fallen Patriots, we work to give those families hope and opportunity – especially the opportunity that comes with a college education. That’s where we – and you – come in. Together, we help to bridge the gap between existing sources of grants and scholarships and the total cost of college.

At Children of Fallen Patriots Foundation, our passion is to raise awareness around the country, and to rally support for our promise of making college a reality for those who have suffered the ultimate loss. Not only is a college education crucial to success today, but the entire college experience can teach students valuable life lessons, aid in maturity and introduce them to people who can influence their lives forever. By providing scholarships and long-term educational counseling to their children, we honor the lives of those men and women who gave their lives for our country.

We’ve helped many children so far. But there is a long way to go..

  • We are a resource to families as they try to find other sources of scholarships and provide counseling as families prepare for college.
  • We strive to become a central clearinghouse and facilitator for families and funding organizations.
  • We are supported by a distinguished Board of Advisors.

There are several reasons why our work is so vital to our military families.

  • Privacy laws make it difficult for military aid organizations to identify families who have lost a loved one.
  • Aid organizations tend to serve a particular military branch or unit, not the entire U.S. military as we do.
  • There is no central directory of help organizations so it’s hard for families to find aid.
  • When a loved one is killed, most surviving families have young children and tend to move back home, and away from the military support network.