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Student Testimonial: Hannah Davis

Jun 28, 2016

Hannah Davis’ father, Jeffrey Davis passed away in a BlackHawk accident. Only three years old at the time, Hannah had to grow up without her father’s loving presence throughout her childhood. Jeffrey’s sacrifice is representative of the courage needed to preserve our country’s freedom.

As we celebrate our month of Independence, it is important to reflect on some of the traditions and family celebrations that have made us who we are over the last two centuries. July marks the month of our freedom as a nation and the sacrifices made by those who have served to ensure it remains that way.

With our preserved freedom come July traditions that have passed the test of time. Year after year families come together to pay their respects to all who have served.

Some popular 4th of July traditions include parades, with their animated floats, marching military units, marching bands and more. Cookouts and themed desserts are also very popular, with family members visiting one another to enjoy grilled meals and company.

Additionally, nationwide festivals with American Independence as their main theme are held throughout the month. Visitors are encouraged to come and enjoy an array of freedom-themed activities, foods, speeches and more.

These traditions are all of great importance, yet no 4th of July celebration is ever complete without fireworks. Whether families buy fireworks themselves and light them in their yards, or attend a local fireworks show, this tradition is timeless.

Fallen Patriots continues to work to ensure students like Hannah can pursue their dreams of an affordable college education. Thanks to our continued efforts and help from our loyal partners, Hannah is now a college graduate with a degree in advertising from Michigan State University.